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Branded wrap

Branded wrap

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The Bookwrap is an excellent branding tool. It can be customized in various ways and is relevant to many different types of businesses.
- A domain provider have branded the Mag size to give customers protection for their laptops
- A bank has used the pixie size for a book launch
- An app developer used the Fiction size for customers to use for their iPads.

The characteristics of the companies that choose to use The Bookwrap for branding are the same though:
- They want a relevant, new, useful and functional product that their customers will actually use
- They have customers who are neat people who care about there belongings
- They don’t mind that The Bookwrap has a very nice design and values
Do you have a company that is looking for a relevant branding product? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to find a super solution with you.
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