The story

The Bookwrap was invented after a banana attack on a book in a bag in 2010.

It is a flexible neat protection sleeve initially invented based on the love of books. Today it takes good care of various carry alongs, designed for neat people who care.

The ideology of The Bookwrap is to take care of the environment, each other and our belongings. Sustainability is subsequently implemented in the materials, production and the benefits of use.

The Bookwrap was launched in June 2013 in Zurich. The Danish – Swiss Chamber of Commerce and other business partners sponsored the event. The Ambassador of Denmark to Switzerland welcomed the attendees. The Bookwrap has appeared in a variety of media since the launch.

It is sold in the largest bookstore chains in Switzerland and Austria. It is also sold in book cafes, publishing houses, merchandise companies, outdoor stores and universities.

Protector of book and goods agains bananas

The specifications

The Bookwrap is produced in five sizes and five colours. It fits various sizes of books and goods and protects against water, scratches and bananas. It is soft and nice to touch and:

- Stretchable - Fitting different shapes and sizes

- Water and dirt resistant - Keeping things that matter neat

- Danish design - Style of functionalistic design

- EU produced - Taking care of the immediate environment

- Made of OEKO TEX Standard 100 materials - Internationally recognized test for harmful substances

The Bookwrap can be washed at 30 degrees but might loose some of the water resistance and elasticity.

Why wrap

You wrap because you care about your belongings and like to have your things neat and gathered. The Bookwrap is a must have travel companion and the missing link: Phones, tablets and computers are protected but not books, magazines or binders… The Bookwrap also helps make your books look good in the bookshelf.