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The Bookwrap is an excellent branding tool. It can be customized in various ways and is relevant to many different types of businesses.

- A domain provider branded the Mag size to give customers protection for their laptops

- A bank used the Pixie size for a book launch

- An app developer gave the Fiction size for customers to use for their iPads.


The characteristics of the companies that choose to use The Bookwrap for branding are the same though:

- They want a relevant, new, useful and functional product that their customers will actually use

- They have neat people as customers who care about their belongings

- They don’t mind that The Bookwrap has a nice design and values

Do you have a company that is looking for a relevant branding product? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to find a sustainable solution with you.

Retail sales

The Bookwrap works very well as an additional sales product.

Our end customers are buying it as presents either for themselves or friends and familiy as it is so functional, fine and good value for money.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to add The Bookwrap to your product range.

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